Thursday, September 30, 2010

Challenge 2 "The Alice Challenge"

For this challenge we had to choose a character from children's literature(now I say children's because most of the heroes/heroines of children's literature have a distinct style that you can build on) and keeping their colours and style, design them a fresh new look, that is in keeping with their style.

                                          Little Red Riding Hood


 I knew I wanted to do  Little Red Riding Hood immediately.   My vision was to take  Little Red Riding Hood from a childish innocent into a red-hot femme fatale.
I wanted to do something  different and unpredictable so I went with a sexy long gown.
For the gown I used red and black  silk with a big over sized bow, black silk scrunched effect for the bottom.  For the stole I made a wolf wrapped around her neck. I wasn't able to make a professional looking wolf stole given the time.   I made a reversible satin cape which drapes perfectly over her shoulders.  

To see all the photos go to :

Here  is what the judges scores
Theme: 5
Originality: 4.5
Creativity: 4.5
Construction: 5
I love where this sassy outfit is going. It is certainly a fresh take on the Red Riding Hood character drawing on the elements from her style. Terrific choice of fabric and a beautifully constructed gown. Great detail with the black ruching at the hem and a nice touch with the wolf stole

Theme: 4.5
Originality: 3.5
Creativity: 4
Construction: 4.5
Your fashion is really pretty, seems to be well constructed and well fitted.  The finishing is very nice.  I like the fox stole, and that you kept the hooded cape.  The dress is very sexy and really a beautiful garment, I really like the ruching detail at the bottom of the skirt, and the bow is a nice accent. Everything is really pretty and well done, but a bit expected and not extremely original.  The fox stole was an original and cute thought for this character update.  You did pull of the challenge well.  It just feels a bit expected, and I wanted something more, something to really be excited about, which would put this fashion over the top for me.  I would like to see some elaborate detailing on the cape, something very luxurious and spectacular. Possibly a beautiful brocade with faux fur trim and lining would have been nice.  Some embellishment on the bodice of the dress could have added the extra touch I was looking for.  Overall, good job, very pretty, but it makes me want a bit more

Theme: 1
Originality: 2
Creativity: 2
Construction: 5
What a gorgeous gown…what a shame it doesn’t say a thing about ‘Red Riding Hood’s character…nor does the ‘red riding hood’ cape work…it makes the design look like a Halloween witches’ costume.  OK…we get it…you’re a fine couturier…but you’re not getting the challenge.  Oh yes…and I hate that wolf wrap…it’s silly, and it doesn’t work with your gorgeous gown except in a far-too-literal way. You have amazing talent in your design and execution skills (the black ruching is perfectly done, and not an easy thing to accomplish) – but you’re not getting the interpretation of the challenges, which is hurting you in Interpretation, Originality, and Creativity scoring.

Theme: 5
Originality: 5
Creativity: 5
Construction: 5
Super sexy and gorgeously made! Love the humor with the wolf stole!

Thank you judges for all the scores!

Work in Progress:
Made a few small changes along the way!

Cutting the cape
Final fittings

Voila! Completed garments

Samantha Herren is now ready for her modeling shoot
Fits her perfectly!
And this is my version of the Little Red Riding Hood for Challenge 2
Glamour Goddess Designs

Monday, September 6, 2010

Couture Doll Design Challenge 1

Our first design Challenge 
Our first guest judge was the winner of the CDDC People's Choice last year. She was also the winner of this challenge in the first CDDC. This challenge is our little tribute to the King of Shoes Joe Tai, who is very ill at this time. We want to wish Joe all the best and send our good thoughts and wishes to let him know we are thinking of him. So your first challenge will be to find a special pair of footwear and design an outfit around them...but CDDC must keep everything fresh so while revisiting this challenge to honor Joe, I gave it something a little different for the returning contestants...the twist...this footwear and design creation must be Gothic!!!

                        Link to:      My design on Couture Doll Design Challenge

        Judges scores
                      Theme: 5    Originality: 4.5     Creativity: 4.5      Construction: 5
Very unusual concept that works really well. Love the use of feathers and the mix and match way of employing them. They add texture and depth to the design. I do think the hat could have been more structured to fit back with the skirt & corset and not so soft. I also think perhaps the bra cups could have had a black satin lining to follow the panty

Theme: 4.5  Originality: 4.5 Creativity: 4.5 Construction: 4.5
I like this fashion a great deal. The shoes that inspired the fashion are perfect to compliment the gown you created. I love the architectural element you brought to the gown, it was perfectly balanced with the delicate tulle panels. It takes a confident and secure woman (doll) to wear this. I also like that the feather skirt can be removed and worn as a cape. Feathers used in doll fashion are one of my pet peeves, if the scale is too large, your use works wonderfully. I am glad that you used a scale of feather that works with the doll. Any larger and it would not have worked. I can also see her wearing this dress, without the feather skirt or cape to a cocktail party and being both the scandal and hit of the party. Your choice of laced closure for the gown was perfect, the added glamour and softness of the satin ribbon is brilliant. Your use of accessories work well, I adore the necklace. You pulled off the “Goth” without going into the costume department. I also appreciate your styling of the doll, the hair you chose, and the overall pose and feel of your photographs. Fantastic work!

Theme: 5 Originality: 5  Creativity: 4 Construction: 5
I loved this; but surprisingly enough, it’s the panty I find distracting…I would rather have seen a nude lining. I’ve never been of the school that any woman or doll would want to show her panties in public, particularly when wearing a design achievement such as this. Be careful with your posing – the side view implies that it is not well fitted; but you can see in the other images that the fit is spot on.

Theme: 4  Originality: 4 Creativity: 5 Construction: 4
Interesting design, although very sexy. I like the idea of the detachable skirt of feathers. Back lacing looks a little messy but overall construction is good

Thank you to all the judes for my scores!

I  absolutely loved this Challenge!  Since I love Gothic fashions, and love Vampire movies it was not difficult to come up with a design idea, in fact I had so many ideas.   I wanted to use blood red and black colour, as black conveys darkness, mystery, and sophistication.  Red conveys strong emotion, blood, love, passion, danger and romance. My favorite Goth fashion  is Victorian and Vampire.  But I also like Medieval, Steam punk and Burlesque.
I decided  to use a Sensual Vampire / Victorian style for my design.   
                    My favourite Romantic Vampire movies. 
Bram Stokers Dracula
"Vampires provided a perfect mirror of the worst fears of the pious and perfect. Vampires were dangerous, sexually rampant, enourmously powerful, absolutely unconcerned about human dignity and preservation of the soul, and finally...dead. and it was this last aspect of their nature that made them the most fascinating to legend-makers". -Dunn Mascetti, Manuela.
Interview with a Vampire

The outfit:

For the skirt and corset I choose red tulle and doubled it.
The back laces up with a red and black satin ribbon with black hooks on the outside so it doesn't stain the dolls.

The bottom of skirt I cut chiffon pieces and serged them, on top I placed trimmed Hackle feathers,
with black glitter, and red Swarovski crystals,  The skirt is removable with hidden snaps, and can be worn as a cape or without. For modesty she wears a super high cut sexy black satin panty.  The outfit is versatile and can be worn mix and match.  The outfit looks just as beautiful inside and out.

I made the little tiny fascinator top hat using black and red silk, hand rolled double ribbon rossete, chiffon, black satin bow and a jewelry detail in front, I handstripped the hackle feathers and curled them, glued red Swarovksi crystals on them, the hat is lined.  To finish the look I designed  a chunky Swarovski crytal necklace.
I wanted to make my own coffin platform heels, but unforutately  ran out of time.   I used a pair of Fashion Boulevard heels that I based my outfit on.  Doll is Sybarite.

I wish I took photos during construction but with the sewing and getting ready to go out of town, we took our daughter to Vegas for her birthday I didn't have time, and talking about Las Vegas, oh my the Haute Couture fashions in the High End stores to die for!!!!!
Anyway  by the time I got back the next challenge was already in progress.  For the second challenge I will be taking photos during the work progress.