Thursday, November 4, 2010

Challenge 4 "It's all in the details"

                           For this challenge  we have to creature Haute Couture Daywear paying particular attention to the little details.
 For the skirt I used stretch white denim,cut out shapes of different types of fabric sewn onto the skirt to create different textures, for looks and feel.  For the bottom I cut out lots of fabric and scrunched it.  I love adding different textures to fabrics.  The skirt is lined and has an invisible zipper.
For the blouse I used white and black stretch poplin.  I made a collar, short sleeves with folds on the tops of sleeves, lined them for ease of slipping on.  I made a under bust corset, and stitched white fabric strips over  many seams of the top.

Work progress:
Drafting and making a muslin samples

The under bust corset

And the finished garments
Sewing for Samantha is a real pleasure, she has such a perfect realistic doll body,
and poses super well.  You don't need to cover her too much with clothing to hide joints etc.
And she is a substantial size, not too small or too big.

Here what the judges have to say

Theme: 3.5
Originality: 4
Creativity: 4
Construction: 5
Very cute styling with that's edgy and different. A  design that hasn't been overworked and whose details are in the use of fabric in an unconventional way. Simple but works for this challenge even if a little too Ready To Wear.

Theme: 2
Originality: 3.5
Creativity: 3.5
Construction: 4.5
This is a cute fashion, not extremely professional daywear. It feels more like resort wear.  I like the detail and the fit and construction are nice. It doesn’t come across as Haute Couture Daywear.  The bare mid drift is a distraction for daywear, and makes it too casual.  On a side note, that doll has HUGE feet! But she is cute.  Good job, but I think you missed the challenge

Theme: 4
Originality: 3
Creativity: 3
Construction: 4
I like the effort put into the construction…but the top and skirt seem to go with two very different outfits. The skirt silhouette is odd…and not very flattering. The designer did a fine job of detail use, but failed in the ensemble cohesion that would have created a highly detailed and effective design. The handbag is almost criminal.

Theme: 3
Originality: 5
Creativity: 3
Construction: 5
subtle details and beautifully made


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